VitaPress Juicer - VitaPress

Press out all the Amazing, hidden nutrients in your fruits and vegetable

Introducing: The VitaPress juicer

Get delicious fresh juices filled with nutrients just in one press!

VitaPress Juicer

About 39% of people aged 20 and above are overweight, and almost 20% of people in the world are obese. With the obesity epidemic growing, a lot of people struggle to get the right nutrients and eat healthy. With the VitaPress juicer, getting all your essential vitamins and eating healthy has become effortlessly easy! Our juicer will extract all the liquid available in your fruits and vegetables into pure liquid. You get a plethora of nutrients. You get to consume your healthy fruits and vegetables in one drink! 

Most people don't meet their daily recommended dietary allowance. This may be because consuming healthy fruits and vegetables may be difficult for them. The VitaPress Juicer is here to change your life and save your life. This life-changing Juicer will give you all the nutrients you require and help you lose weight in no time!

What you get:

Why VitaPress Juicer ?

Sharp, Steel blades

Crushes even the hardest fruits! (you needed this yesterday)

VitaPress Juicer - VitaPress
alexander mils hVk0 hqA69k unsplash - VitaPress

High-quality juice at home

Losing weight has never been this easy

Extracts juice from fruits and vegetables

You get all your nutrients in one glass

Untitled design 16 - VitaPress
VitaPress Juicer - VitaPress

Sleek Design!

Looks so on trend

Juice collector jug

Collects all the juice from your fuits and vegetables without spilling

VitaPress Juicer - VitaPress
VitaPress - VitaPress

Portable appliance

Easy to carry, stack,juice and store in your pantry or office. 

Sale will soon be over, get yours now!

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