How to be a confident woman

how to be a confident woman

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A confident woman, I guess someone came to your mind. Someone that you feel is very confident, radiates confidence and happiness. Everyone notices her, how confident she is, how she walks, how she carries herself. You may begin to ask yourself, “How is she so confident?” A lot of factors contribute to being a confident person, first things first, it starts from within or self. Let’s start with definition.

What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is trust in your capabilities, in your skills, judgement, and generally in yourself. It is important to have optimum self-confidence to maintain psychological well-being. Self-confidence increases happiness, positivity and productivity in different areas of life: work, family, personal e.t.c.

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Benefits of self confidence

Confident women are women people often look up to, they are often role models in some kind of way and they inspire people. They make life happen for themselves and don’t doubt their capabilities or abilities. For all these reasons, they are often perceived as “better”. They usually have an upper-ground in different aspects of life. As women, we are often told to be “passive” “humble” “less-confident”. We are often putting and trying to put the needs of others before ours, we aren’t used to putting ourselves in the same perspective. We don’t have time for self-development, we don’t even care sometimes. Yet sometimes when a confident woman walk in, we just wonder, how is she so confident? Or why is she so confident, isn’t she a woman? How can I get this?

Confident women are often more productive, this is because, the higher your self-confidence, the more you trust or believe in yourself and your abilities. When you trust your abilities, you will begin to do more efficiently and be more open to doing and learning new things. This improves your mindset and helps you grow. If you lack confidence, you begin to worry about if your abilities are good enough, in the process, you waste time, energy, and you end up not overcoming this or achieving your goal. This may sometimes lead to anxiety. For example, if you lack confidence in your looks, and you post a picture on Instagram, or any social media platform, you may begin to worry that you don’t look good enough that is why no one is liking your picture or engaging with your post. Your audience may just be in a different time zone or have a fast timeline. However, your belief about not looking good enough just got confirmed. If you lack confidence in your writing skills, and write and no one likes your post or shares your post to other social media platforms, you may begin to think that your writing skills are not good enough and your belief just got confirmed again. Meanwhile again, your audience may not have seen your post. When you think something about yourself, your beliefs begin to get confirmed. Low self-confidence may be caused by some things that may have occurred in our childhood, those events sometimes frame the way reason, the way we see life, the way we look at our abilities, and how we feel about ourselves. There is always a way out, as far as you are willing to put in the work.
Now that you know all these, your next questions may be: “How can I become confident?” “What are the habits of confident women?” “What are the secrets these women know that I don’t?”
We got the answers, all those women, the confident ones you know, they were not born that way. They either learnt to be confident or not let circumstances define them or affect their confidence or may be, took the “fake it till you make it” path.

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How to be confident

1. Do things your way: Why try to fit in when you can stand out? Following your party of friends or your crew, you know, “the girls” may sometimes limit your self-confidence, mindset, growth and personal development (not all the time). A confident woman makes her own rules and lives on her own terms. She doesn’t follow the crew or even trends. She doesn’t focus on what is “in right now”. She makes her choice and goes with it. Nobody’s rules or orders, just hers. Following the crowd is a safe escape. “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” — Katharine Hepburn

2. Don’t be afraid of being wrong: There’s a lot of judgement and emphasis on mistakes and being wrong. This may impact how you see being wrong or making a mistake. Confident women are not afraid of being wrong, they put themselves out there, and they put their ideas, skills, and thoughts out there. If they end up being wrong or making a mistake, they learn from it as they have learnt from the mistakes of others. They also trust their abilities and affirm that being wrong is not in any way a parameter used to define their capabilities.

Don’t be afraid of failing, failing create a platform for learning, growth and personal development. All the confident women you know or that crossed your mind have definitely crossed this path before. Failing or being wrong should not be something to be afraid of or ashamed of. Failure is not defeat. If you are struggling with regrets and failure, this powerful course will change your perspective on regrets and failure. This course has proven to help re-wire and change people’s mindset about failure.

“Failure is an important part of your growth and developing resilience. Don’t be afraid to fail” – Michelle Obama

3. Take care of yourself, don’t compromise this: As women, we are often used to putting others first before ourselves. We are always sacrificing taking care of ourselves for something else. We put the needs of others before ourselves, we sometimes undermine the importance of self-care. A confident woman doesn’t compromise self-care, she knows the importance of taking care of herself. It is something she loves doing, she takes time out to eat right, work out, sleep well, and pamper herself. If you are just starting out in trying to eat right or workout, you can start with this very sought-after weight loss and lifestyle changing program. (Oprah was once on this diet!). A lot of women struggle with sleep, if you are one of these women that are struggling to sleep, you can check out our article about sleeping better and sleep teas. It is ok to not know it all or have it all, you are not wonder woman. A confident woman knows this. Pamper yourself, give yourself a massage, spoil yourself a little bit. There are a lot of ways to spoil yourself, simple things like giving yourself a manicure, wearing comfy clothes are ways to spoil yourself. A simple easy way out is by subscribing to a popular and generous monthly beauty subscription box or a popular and savvy quarterly beauty subscription box. Subscribing to any of these fans’ favourite subscription boxes will help you stay on track and achieve your self-care goals

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4. Do not compare yourself to others: Comparison is unhealthy. Whether you compare your body type to your friend’s or you compare you salary or income to neighbour’s, it is unhealthy, There are studies that have showed that people who compared themselves in any way to others, experienced envy and the more envy they experienced, the more they felt bad about themselves, beware, comparison is dangerous. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, try to mindfully block the thought and remind yourself that comparing yourself will ruin the foundation of confidence to are trying to build. Comparing yourself to others will create lack of confidence in yourself and this is not in any way helpful. Also, constant comparison may be a sign of you not loving yourself enough. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, we recommend you take this one of a kind, life-changing self-love program. It will change the way you think of yourself and how you see the world. The results are shocking.

5. Use your body language: A lot of women don’t know the power of using their body language. It doesn’t matter if you are not feeling confident now, you can pose the part and fake it till you make it. Your body language exudes how confident you are or at least how confident you appear to be. Take a tall stance, this tends to give a more confident look, don’t fold your arms as you speak, make eye contacts. All these body languages and so much more will make you seem more confident, need to know more about your body language? Find out more exclusively here

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6. Unconditionally Love yourself: As previously mentioned, self-love is very important and impacts your self-confidence in different ways you may not have imagined. Constant comparison is a sign of lack of self-love. Our brains have been hard-wired to love ourselves to a certain extent, for example, if your mom or your child or sister or husband just broke his or harm or just has an overwhelming acne breakout all over their face or just added a few kilos to their weight, will this change how much you love them or how much you show them love? No, Will you think differently of them or who they are in your life? No, but when it comes to ourselves, we always try to beat ourselves up, we are harsh to ourselves. You are awesome, accept yourself, confidence is who you are, not who you think you should be, no one can take away your confidence from you, except you let them to. Be compassionate with yourself, if you fail, or make a mistake, be kind to yourself, you are just being human. Speaking to yourself harshly does not help your situation, it can only make it worse. Speaking harshly to yourself can be detrimental to your mental health. Again we recommend you take this one of a kind, life-changing self-love program, to achieve ultimate success in your personal development. The results are shocking!

7. Only say yes when you mean it: It is easy to always say yes, you know, you want to be the “nice girl” right? Ermmm wrong?! Sometimes nice girls finish last. Always saying yes so you don’t hurt others’ feelings may end up hurting you. A confident woman knows that saying yes means she is sacrificing something, something she values or somethings she should value: her time her energy, her knowledge, her skills, her resources or finances, just something important. She knows that her yes is just as important as any of these things she would not want to be taken for granted. Also, starting to say no to things you don’t want in any way or things you don’t want to do or don’t want to be part of, it creates value for you and your time, energy, resources, skills, money, etc. Also, studies have shown that the easier you say yes, the more likely you are to suffer from stress, anxiety and so many other mental health conditions.

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8. Celebrate others: Well, sometimes we get a little jealous, which is fine but when you let this emotion, the jealousy emotion take over you, your mood, your life, without being able to control it, then that’s a problem. Confidence radiates as minimal jealousy while low self-confidence radiates as envy. A confident woman that sees someone else succeeding will or may feel a little jealous and wonder “how did she do it?” “how can I be better so I can achieve something similar?”. An insecure woman will consistently question her relevance or worth and when she sees someone else succeeding, she tries to dim the light of the woman succeeding just to get the spotlight. A confident woman knows her worth and her relevance and does not need to dim the light of others just to get her own shine.

9. Dress the part: What you wear, how you wear it, how you feel when you wear it, why you wear it. All impact your confidence, though, confidence has little to do with appearance but that outfit that’s gives us confidence when we wear it will definitely boost our confidence. Whether it is a stunning, attention-grabbing body-con dress highlighting your curves or alluring,killer stiletto heels, whichever one or whatever gives you confidence, you should dress the part to give you a boost in this life-changing confidence journey.

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There are a lot of benefits of having self-confidence, however, you need to practice these habits and highlights the traits of a confident woman. People don’t wake up to be confident, it’s all practice or fake it till you make it, after all, we are fake when we make it. Accept yourself, treat yourself kindly. If after reading this, you still feel like you need help in being confident, you can start with this unbelievably effective confidence training. You get trained to the core, learning little-known confidence secrets. Kick-start your journey now!

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This page or post may have affiliate links and or refferal liks, which means we may receive commissions if you choose to make purchase(s) through the links that we provide (at no extra cost to you). Thank you for supporting the work we put into this site!

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