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What you need to know about mindfulness

You may have heard of mindfulness, how it helps you relax, how it can help improve mental health and very popularly, how mindful...

5 Fat-burning Infused water recipes for weight loss

Losing weight may become a bit difficult, especially if you are not following the right plan. There are a lot of suggested strategies to...

The Shocking difference between juices and smoothies

Juices and smoothies are now on trend, everyone is doing it! Juice for breakfast, smoothie for breakfast, it’s all happening at the same time...

5 fat burning juicing recipes for weight loss

The juice diet has been existing for some time now, although some people go on a complete juice diet, cutting out meals and just...

7 best fat-melting fruits that will help you lose weight faster...

The hardest part about dieting? The cravings, especially if you have a sweet tooth. You can’t eat those tempting dessert. Yes those ones, ...

Why you should breastfeed your baby

A lot of mothers contemplate on the topic of which feeding method is best for their babies. While some people may choose using a...
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