6 Home Safety Tips For Kids


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“There is no place like home”, children love their homes, it is their comfort zone, it is where their heart is, it is where they spend most of their time, it is a part of them and influences their emotions. A lot of things can go wrong at home, home accidents being the leading cause of accidental deaths, resulting in about 20,000 deaths per year. However,, there is so much you can do to prevent home accidents. Mere looking at your home, you may not see the potential hazards but there are a lot things in your home that may cause kids accidents. Here are tips on how to childproof your home and how to prevent home accidents using practical measures.

1. Suffocation: There are so many items at home that could potential suffocate a child, plastic bags, boxes, toys. Bedding, pile of laundry and so much more. It is good to keep this in mind while arranging items in your home and take note of where you leave your child in your home.
– Don’t leave the child near plastic bags and boxes,
– Always tie your plastic bags in a knot and keep away from children

2. Electrical Safety: Electrical shock causes a lot of deaths each year, electrical shock occurs when a child touches an electrically charged object at the same time as touching an object that conducts electricity to the ground. This mostly ends up in deaths. There is so much you can do to prevent this:
– Use power point covers or plastic covers like some people call it, we can’t emphasise this enough, power point covers! This will step up your prevention routine because, open sockets are one the easiest ways a child could get electrocuted, a lot of sockets are located where the child can reach, this puts your child at risk of electrical shock. With power point covers or plastic covers, you can protect your child from electrical shock. Now there are so many power point covers on the ,market but these ones from Amazon.com have proven to be harder to open than the others in the market. Making it more efficient If not the most efficient power point covers to protect your child.
– Get a licensed electrician to do the electrical repairs in your home. And get rid of damaged electrical equipment in your home. Electricity is a common cause of home fires, so having a licensed electrician carry out the repairs and getting rid of electrical equipment that are damaged will help you prevent any electrical troubles
– Keep young children away from any electrical thing. Young children usually don’t know what they are doing as they are very young, keeping them away from electrical things will help you keep them safe.
– Teach kids about electricity. There are so many books out there to teach kids about electricity. Enlighten them about the possible risks and outcomes of playing with electricity. There is a very detailed book for kids to learn about electricity. It is called Oscar and the Bird: A book about electricity (start with science)

3. House fires : There are a lot of causes of house fires at home. It could be a cigarette or a candle or incense or cooking accidents, it could also be an electrical fault (as mentioned above) or kids playing with matches or lighters at their reach! You need to take a lot of safety precautions about this
– Install a fire alarm, most deaths of children under 5 caused by home fire occur in homes that don’t have fire alarms or home that fire alarms are not working. Installing a high quality fire alarm will be a no-brainer way to be at alert and protect your children from possible fire outbreaks. Make sure to test your fire alarms every month, replace the batteries every year. There are different types of Fire Alarms but there is this one that is made by Google available on Amazon, it easily senses smoke or CO (which is emitted when something is burning), it is called NEST.

4. Poisoning: Never ignore when you see keep out of reach of children, no matter what it is. The consequences may surprise you. A lot of children die from consuming or ingesting house hold items, like detergent, batteries, medications and so many other household chemicals. Children outsmart their parents these days, it is important to be extra careful when storing chemicals and medications in your home and where you store batteries as well. You can store medications and chemicals in a high-cupboard, high cupboards are usually too high for the reach of children. A high cupboard storage like this one is what you need to store medications and household chemicals in different compartment at the same time out of reach of children, it also comes with a lock and key which would help you out for children who may want to climb a chair and find out what’s in the box? Remember children, as they grow they become more inquisitive and sometimes outsmart their parents. You should also put a child-safety latch on the door where you keep household chemicals.

6 1 - 6 Home Safety Tips For Kids

5. Accidental falls: Falls are very common in children, they are the most common cause of injuries. Falls can lead to very serious injuries or worse. Thankfully, there are a lot of safety precautions you can take to prevent falls, you can put safety guards on entries to stairs. A lot of accidents happen by children falling out the window, so always keep the windows locked, don’t keep anything a child could possibly play with near a window. You can also use window guards to shield your windows and prevent home accidents.

6.Water Safety: Drowning can occur in a short time, your child could be at risk of this, if you use bath tubs, pools, sinks etc you should be very attentive and not leave the child to be on his or her own for a second. You should always be present when the child is close to or using a pool, sink, bath tub or anything related to water. You should always be present and be at alert if you are using pools for recreation with children, or rather playtime. The doors to outdoor pools should be completely shut after use. It is also important for you to have a pool fence around your pool. The child will not be able to get near the pool.

Always be at alert, be prepared, no matter how much you try to prevent accidents, accidents can still occur. Taking safety precautions can reduce your chances of having a home accidents. There are simple ways to prepare for home accidents, like knowing the different emergency numbers, or owning a well-equipped-easy-to-use first aid kit. All these are simple steps you can take today to protect you and your family from accidents, improve your child’s health and also save a lot of money an accident treatment could possibly cost you.

This page or post may have affiliate links and or refferal liks, which means we may receive commissions if you choose to make purchase(s) through the links that we provide (at no extra cost to you). Thank you for supporting the work we put into this site!

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